2019 Mindi's D.I.Y. Art Shack created by Mindi

Phone: 337-335-8308

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3 ornaments with high fire wire with approximate 3-inch base $35.00

4X4 clear base with colored glass design $35.00


6x6 clear base with colored glass design $40.00

8x8 clear base with colored glass design $65.00


Assorted odd shaped colored pieces $20.00 a pound, single fire is included.

Colored base additional $5.00.

Holes cut in glass are $15.00 per hole for standard size.

Large hole pricing TBD.


Chains and high fire wire are additional.


All supplies included.


Sizes are approximate, prices are for standard shapes.

8-inch $25.00

10-inch $35.00

13-inch $40.00

16 to 18-inch $50.00

19-inch and up TBD

Exterior pieces are created on cement board and add $10.00 to the cost.


Custom shapes will be priced individually.

Call with any questions.

Several colors of grout to choose. 

Learn a new skill.

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Each piece is individually priced from

$1.00 up to $75.00.

2 Options:

Acrylic paint for decorative pieces.

Glazes for food safe or garden art.

Acrylic paint class is $6.00 an hour per person.

Glaze class is $9.00 an hour per person.

A fee is charged to fire all glazed pieces.

Takes approximately one week to receive fired glazed pieces.

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Must commit to 3 classes

2 hours a class


2 weeks apart, to allow for dry time and firing.

Ten pounds of clay

bisque and glaze fire included


Learn to coil, pinch, sculpt and shape ceramic clay.

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