2019 Mindi's D.I.Y. Art Shack created by Mindi

Phone: 337-335-8308

My Dream

Welcome to Mindi's D.I.Y. Art Shack. I dreamed of an art studio to share art with our community, have a creative outlet for everyone, and make new friends. My dreams are coming true.  I feel art brings people together that wouldn't normally come together. Serenity in creativity is our motto. Peace of mind is hard to achieve in this hectic world and The Art Shack provides a serene place to let the creative juices flow and make some cool stuff.

I began my art career in girl scouts as a child. My grandmother had a ceramic studio which I loved. My summer memories consist of painting and swimming with my cousins at my grandmothers. I still have many of the ceramic pieces I made years ago. My cedar chest remains full of those hot summer memories. Awww!

I feel we are trapped in a world of electronics. Working with our hands and learning a new skill, will build confidence, increase self esteem, and lead us to be stronger individuals.  Getting our thoughts out of our heads and putting pen to paper is a freeing experience. 

My hope is to plant the seed of art in the hearts our young people. Encourage our seniors to create, imagine and keep the brain active. Create sentimental pieces to pass down for many generations and start family traditions. Give Mom's and Dad's a break and opportunity to reconnect. Allow friends to hang out, laugh, sing, and create memories with each other. These all seem like huge requests, but they're NOT. We just need a place to make it happen and Mindi's D.I.Y. Art Shack is your art studio.